NYPD Pre-Passover Security Briefing With Community Leaders and Rabbi Reuven Feinstein


NEW YORK (VINnews) — The annual Pre-Passover Security Briefing hosted by the (NYPD) in partnership with community and senior rabbinical leaders at One Police Plaza in NYC was a significant event that highlighted the collaborative efforts between law enforcement and the Jewish community to ensure the safety and security of all residents.

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This year’s briefing, organized by NYPD Deputy Chief Richie Taylor, was a critical gathering under the leadership of Mayor Eric Adams, who has placed a strong emphasis on community policing and building trust between law enforcement and the diverse communities they serve.

The event saw the participation of senior Jewish leadership, including Rav Reuvain Feinstein shlit’a. The presence of such esteemed leaders underscored the importance of the NYPD’s commitment to keeping the Jewish community safe at all costs and in every possible way. The hosting of the summit by Police Commissioner Hon. Edward A. Caban and Deputy Chief Richard Taylor of Community Affairs NYPD further solidified the partnership between law enforcement and the community.

The program kicked off with a powerful rendition of the National Anthem by Beri Weber, an international Jewish music recording artist, setting a patriotic and solemn tone for the event. This was followed by a NYPD Heroes Video Presentation narrated by the iconic James Earl Jones, highlighting the brave men and women of the NYPD who dedicate their lives to serving and protecting the city.


Opening remarks were delivered by Police Commissioner Hon. Edward A. Caban, who emphasized the importance of community partnership in ensuring public safety. This was followed by remarks from Rabbi Dr. Alvin Kass, the Chief Chaplain of the NYPD, who provided a spiritual perspective on the challenges facing the community.

An intelligence briefing was then presented to the community leaders by John Hart, Assistant Chief of the NYPD Intelligence and Counterterrorism Bureau, providing valuable insight into the current threat landscape and the measures being taken to address potential security risks. Special guests, including Dror Shitret, Chief of Security at the Israeli Consulate, and Emanuel (Ami) Magen, Regional Security Director at the Office of the Israeli Prime Minister, shared their perspectives on the challenges faced both in New York City and abroad, commending the NYPD for their dedication to protecting the community.

Captain Johnny Wong, Executive Officer of the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force, then delivered a briefing on hate crimes, highlighting the department’s zero-tolerance approach to such offenses. The event concluded with closing remarks from Mark T. Stewart, Deputy Commissioner of the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau, reinforcing the commitment to collaboration and mutual support between law enforcement and the community.

The by-invitation-only briefing began with a hot buffet and intimate networking session, allowing community leaders and NYPD top brass to interact and discuss the pressing issues facing the Jewish community as they prepared for the upcoming Passover season. This networking session set the tone for an open and constructive dialogue between all parties involved, demonstrating a commitment to partnership and collaboration in addressing security concerns.

Through open communication, mutual respect, and shared commitment to public safety, the NYPD continues to be a beacon of hope and protection for all New Yorkers, especially as they approach significant religious and cultural celebrations like Passover. The Jewish leaders demonstrated their deep appreciation and admiration to the NYPD leadership and hosts.

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