Sunak Vows to Stand With Israel


    (JNS) – Britain will continue to support Israel against “reckless” attacks by Iran and its terrorist proxies in the region, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak vowed in his annual Passover holiday statement on Monday.

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    “My thoughts are with those who lost loved ones on the 7th of October and those who continue to be held hostage. And we will continue to stand with Israel against the kind of reckless attack that we saw earlier this month from Iran,” said Sunak in the video statement posted to X.

    The British leader noted that Passover is “a moment for families and communities to give thanks, to gather around the Seder table and break matzah together.”

    However, “for too many families, there will be empty seats,” he said.

    “The promise of Passover is that better times lie ahead. So to the Jewish community in the U.K. and around the world, whether your loved ones are near or far, I hope that this holiday brings some comfort and a reminder of that promise of a better tomorrow,” said Sunak.

    Earlier this month, Sunak marked six months since the Hamas massacre of some 1,200 people by calling for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and the terrorist group and announcing additional aid to Gaza via the sea.

    In January, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron sparked controversy when he suggested that London unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state so Palestinians “can see that there is going to be irreversible progress to a two-state solution.”

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    1 month ago

    Sorry Rishi, empty words mean nothing. Your actions will dictate your actual loyalties and intentions.

    1 month ago

    Stand? Sure, sure .. All 4 feet 9 inches of him.