REPORT: Orthodox Jewish Professor Slams Rutgers in Scathing Letter Over Antisemitism


(VINnews) — According to the NY Post, a frum Jewish professor, slammed Rutgers University’s administration for allowing the campus to become a cesspool of antisemitism.

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In a scathing letter to the administration, Rebecca Cypess, Professor of Music and Faculty Affiliate in Jewish Studies at Rutgers, said that she cannot do any work because “all I do is confront antisemitism.” Interestingly, Ms. Cypess is apparently leaving Rutgers to join Yeshiva University as the new dean of Yeshiva College Stern College.

Ms. Cypess also said she’s been “privy to the details of antisemitic incidents at Rutgers from the classroom . . . to the highest offices at the university,” according to the letter.

Ms. Cypess said that the toxic climate has prevented her from publishing scholarly writing, because all her time is dedicated to advocating for “students, staff members, and faculty members in distress.”

She also criticized the school for agreeing to demands made by the organizers of the anti-Israel tent encampment, who have “held the university hostage all year.”

“They have harassed and intimidated Jews. They have propagated hate, including disgusting, antisemitic blood libels,” she continued.

She contrasted the school’s response to pro-Palestinians, as opposed to Jewish faculty.

“If JFAS (Jewish Faculty Administrators and Staff) had pitched tents on Voorhees Mall, unfurled hateful banners from Murray Hall, and forced the cancellation of hundreds of exams, would our recommendations have been implemented?” she asked.

This past week, it was announced that Yeshiva University chose Ms. Cypress as the new dean of Yeshiva College and Stern College for Women.

According to YU’s website:

“Although she has achieved considerable success at Rutgers, after Oct. 7, Dr. Cypess began reevaluating her priorities. Seeing a need to spend more time supporting the Jewish community in academia, she had planned to step down as associate dean and return to her faculty role. Then she read the announcement about the dean position at YU and knew she had to apply. It came at just the right time and in perfect alignment with her commitments to both academic excellence and the Jewish world.

“The position at YU gives me the opportunity to devote myself to strengthening academia from within the Jewish community,” she said. “All roads seemed to lead to YU.”

Much of higher education today, Dr. Cypess said, has embraced nihilism — which puts YU, the flagship Jewish university, in an ever more profound and vital position. “In a world where many people ignore facts and view reality as relative, YU is a beacon of morality, emanating from our timeless Jewish values,” she said. “The world needs YU as never before. I am honored to become part of an institution that leads with academic excellence, moral clarity, and the search for truth.”


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1 month ago

too much extreme protesters and antisemites in the universities. Who can be serious about learning?

Yael Goldwasser
Yael Goldwasser
1 month ago

Well, you’ll be stepping into the shoes of both my paternal grandparents – Dr. Moses L. Isaacs was the first dean of Yeshiva College, and Elizabeth Isaacs was the first dean of students of Stern College.
Wishing you much success!

Active Member
1 month ago