Traffic Condition Out Of The City


    NYC – Traffic Condition Out Of The City.

    Triboro Bridge Bronx/Manhattan bound a few stranded cehicled, something on the roadway that’s flattening tires.

    Holland Tunnel 15 min. delays.
    Lincoln Tunnel 30 min. delays

    F.D.R. N/B and H.R.D. heavy from 131st St. All the way to the G.W.B., M.D.E. Is better.

    U/D: 19:46
    F.D.R. at 106th St. shut down, due to a persuit and perp threw out a weapon out of the car.

    U/D: 19:58
    PD have 4 perps under arrest on the F.D.R. and recoverd the weapon.

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