Brooklyn, NY +Garage Collapse+


    Brooklyn, NY +Garage Collapse+ Large area of concrete collapsed on to workers at a construction site of a garage at 733 Ocean Parkway between Foster Avenue and Parkville Avenue, 2 aided are pinned in a trench under a large piece of concrete at this time, FDNY on the scene, ESU and the Collapse Units are requested. Ocean Parkway closed down ATT.

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    U/D: 07:51
    NYPD 70th Pct are calling for a level one mobilization.
    EMS requesting additional BLS and ALS units to respond to the scene, also Con-Ed to respond with the vacume truck.

    U/D: 08:21
    Aided was extricated and EMS is advising he is DOA, also one firefighter was hit by a vehicle on the scene.

    Building Dept responding.

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    18 years ago

    1 confirmed DOA