Hillburn, NY +NYS Thruway Closed after Serious MVA+


    Posted: 05/01/2007. 13:54McDonald's Truck on fire Thruway-1 05/01/2007

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    Rockland County, Hillburn, NY +NYS Thruway Closed after Serious MVA+ A serious motor vehicle accident on the Southbound lanes of the New York State Thruway [Interstate-87] MM 30.3 at Exit 15 at the intersection of Rt-287, for a McDonald food tractor trailer that’s hanging off the overpass and is fully engulfed in fire with and aided that is seriously burned, performing CPR.

    All Southbound lanes of the NY State Thruway have been shut down, Stat Flight Medivac has been placed on stand by, M/A Suffern, Sloatsburgh, Tuxedo and Mahwah, NJ on the scene Rockland County Haz-Mat team requested to the scene for foam ops., large quantity of diesel fuel leaking.

    U/D: 14:19
    NJ Route 17 Northbound, Route 287 Northbound and Route 87 Southbound are all closed down.

    U/D: 14:29
    New York State Police are reporting that this will be an extended operation and expect major delays in the entire area.

    U/D: 16:17
    NY State Police reporting that the driver apparently suffered a heart attack before the accident.
    Traffic on the Southbound of the New York State Thruway, Westbound of the I-287 and Northbound of the NJ 17 are still closed.

    U/D: 17:14
    Driver of the truck was pronounced dead at the hospital.

    Traffic is moving but very heavy.

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    Have a little compassion
    Have a little compassion
    17 years ago


    That’s not funny, the driver died.

    17 years ago

    B-B-Q courtesy of McDonald’s.