Williamsburg, NY – Child Killed R’L Falling Down Elevator Shaft. PHOTOS


    The burial site in New Brunswick, N.J. of Yakov Mosha Newman A'H.Williamsburg, NY – Hatzolah BLS, Medics and FDNY are all rushing to 70 Clymer and Wythe Avenue for a 5-year-old boy that’s down the elevator shaft from between the 11th floor and 10th floors after the elevator doors opened between the floors and he and his brother squeezed out from the opening leading to his fall down the shaft, child is in traumatic arrest at this time, his older brother is ok.

    U/D: 9:09am
    The child is being transported by Hatzolah to Brooklyn Hospital.

    U/D: 09:27am
    Child has been pronounced dead at the hospital.

    Chesed Shel Emes on the scene handling.

    U/D: 12:24pm
    The child’s body has just been released, Levaya (funereal) is scheduled for 2:00pm at Yeriam Chapel, from there they are going to New Jersey.

    the child is the grandson of a Village of Kiryas Joel official. Gershon Mendel Neiman is a member of the village planning board and housing authority.

    According to New York City Department of Buildings records, the apartment building was the source of a complaint on Jan. 21 that one of its elevators became stuck for about an hour and was defective or inoperative. There were three other complaints about the elevators in the building in 2007, according to the department’s records.

    The 12-story building was built in 1974 and is part of the Taylor Street-Wythe Avenue apartment complex, owned by the New York City Housing Authority.

    The Teamsters Local 237 is responsible for the maintenance of the elevators, its president, Gregory Floyd, said. Mr. Floyd said a lack of federal funding had made work on the elevators difficult. “The Teamsters work with what they are given,” “And they are not given enough.”

    U/D 7:00 PM Mayor Bloomberg issues statement
    “This incident was a tragedy and the City is conducting a thorough investigation of today’s events. Our thoughts are with the child’s family and they have our condolences during this difficult time.” Jason Post, spokesman for the Mayor.

    Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott , Fred kreizman (assistant Commissioner from the Mayor’s community affairs Unit were both at the funeral, Jarrod Bernstein, deputy commissioner of community affairs unit was there as well.

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