Brooklyn, NY – H1N1 Outbreak Drill for Religious Leaders


Brooklyn, NY – Officials and religious leaders took part in a H1N1 flu pandemic exercise.
The goal was to provide more information about the virus to the religious community, because it can be the first place many people turn to when they have questions.

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More than 150 people ran through various scenarios, examining how they would respond to a H1N1 outbreak.

“Many of the indicators are pointing in the direction of a second wave this fall. So with that freight train possible barreling down on the community we thought it would be a great idea to get this information out there,” said Chuck Frank of the MCNY Community Action Project.

“We know that our temples, mosques, churches and synagogues draw large numbers of people. So we want to provide them not only with information but also get a sense of their capacity to handle emergencies to look at their particular situation,” said Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Yvonne Graham. “And that’s why I think this is unique because we’re going to do and help them develop strategies.”

Organizers say the exercise was the first of its kind for the religious community.

Meanwhile, several drug makers are on track to start delivering the first batches of a H1N1 flu vaccine next month.

The World Health Organization says manufacturers have started testing it in humans and that early safety results should be available in September.

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Pupa ruv
Pupa ruv
14 years ago

Boruch hashem now i am much calmer knowing that we did hishtadlus and we hope that it wont be nogea

Non Smoker
Non Smoker
14 years ago

What about an immediate ban on smoking in (ortho) jewish schools, temples, shuls…? Where are the big mouth 33 concert ban rabbis on this issue? Why are the deadly quiet? Where are the big newspaper ads for this important issue? Why do they think they can pick and choose which are the important issues? Who put them in charge?