Brooklyn, NY – PETA Campaign Urges To Stop Minhag Of Kapporos


    Campaign flyers by PETABrooklyn, NY – PETA, ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ has launched aggressively an anti-Kapporos campaign.

    Flyers are set for mass distributing and posting in Brooklyn today in Crown Heights, Williamsburg and Borough Park. We are encouraging people to use money instead of live chickens when performing the ritual. We will also be distributing hundreds of origami chickens made from actual money (similar to the origami money chicken in the flyer photo). Said a PETA spokesperson.

    Philip Schein A PETA undercover investigator told VIN News: “Rabbi Yosef Karo, who composed the Sulchan Aruch, called kapporos a “foolish custom” and a cruel, animal sacrifice in this modern age is even more foolish and intolerable. We are encouraging that the ritual be performed symbolically, only with money, so as not create more sin in the process and there is much rabbinical support for this. We can’t ask for mercy and forgiveness or achieve transformation with blood on our hands.”

    Mr. Schein also took aim at one specific [which VIN News will not name] Kapparos center in Brooklyn, who he claims rejected PETA’s invitation last month to meet to discuss making even minimal humane improvements to his kapporos operation such as providing the chickens with water.

    Schein also addressed to VIN News: “It’s delusional and foolish for those who think that the egregious cruelty to animals that was documented in the past few years in lengthy PETA undercover videos, as fabricated in some sort of a conspiracy against Jewish rituals including shechita and kapporos.”

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