Jerusalem – New iPhone Application Keeps You Covered


    ikipaJerusalem – With its many applications the iPhone has a wide range of capabilities, and now it can also serve as a virtual yarmulke in a bind.

    The iKippa application, which arrived at Apple’s App Store yesterday, enables users to place the iPhone on their head, showing a display of a knitted kippa, a white kippa for the gadget-monger getting married or even a kippa with virtual gold thread.

    The application itself does not have a heshsher, but according to Uri Keidar, the creator of the iKippa, although many people are under the impression placing their hand on their head can serve in lieu of a yarmulke, the truth is that anything else can. “According to halacha, part of the head must be covered, but the material does not matter. So using this application is no problem,” he says.

    The cost is $1. To download the application here

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