Olney, MD – Synagogue Spray Painted with Swastikas


    Olney, MD – Vandals struck a Montgomery County synagogue, spray painting Swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans on the outside walls, parking lot and light posts, according to police and a synagogue member.

    The vandalism at B’nai Shalom Synagogue of Olney, in the 18400 block of Burtfield Drive, was discovered early Monday morning, police said. The anti-Semitic phrases, scrawled using black spray paint, included “work will set u free,” a reference to a sign that hangs over the Auschwitz concentration camp, and “Death 2 Zionists.” The vandals also used German, writing phrases including “Juden raus,” which means Jews out and was used by Nazis.

    “This is absolutely inappropriate and very, very hateful,” said Montgomery County police spokesman, Cpl. Dan Friz. He said the vandals also tossed change near the front entrance.

    Debbie Kovalsky, synagogue president, said the damage is “heart wrenching to see.” “The fact that someone out there is knowledgeable about this kind of hate, this is more upsetting than some teenager with spray-paint,” Kovalsky said.

    Kovalsky said the congregation, which has about 430 families, planned to begin clean-up Monday and to hold a special service.

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