Brooklyn, NY – Councilman Greenfield Disputes Rabbi Levin’s Claim


    New York – Earlier this week, the Rabbinical Alliance of America expressed their outrage at Councilman David Greenfield of Boro Park, for joining with ultra-Liberals to pass measure 371 which will in effect increase abortions in the city by “handcuffing” pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

    Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Rabbinical Alliance Spokesman stated: “Every Orthodox Jew knows that abortion on demand with the rarest of exceptions (such as life of the mother) is prohibited in the strongest terms. Thus, for Greenfield to represent one of the largest Orthodox constituencies outside of Israel, and reject his own Orthodox upbringing and the will of his Torah adhering constituents is a mega scandal. Which Rabbi permitted him to vote for something that the Talmud and Maimonides rule may be the equivalent of murder? Is Greenfield representing Greenwich Village or Boro Park?

    Rabbi Levin continued, If Councilman Greenfield does not publicly retract and denounce his own vote and publicly pledge to consult and abide by the advice of a prominent coalition of communal Rabbis, with regard to any legislation which touches upon morality, many constituents will begin now to look for an alternative City Councilman.

    Video below where Rabbi Levin slams Greenfield:

    The following statement was just released exclusively to VIN News by Councilman Greenfield’s office:

    “Contrary to the “Rabbi’s” crazy ramblings, the bill that the Councilman voted on did not involve abortion. It is ironic that the the same “Rabbi” who routinely endorses anti-Semitic politicians feels the need to constantly slander frum elected officials. But, it is not surprising considering that this “Rabbi” also routinely slams Gedolei Yisroel who disagree with his corrupted views.

    Even a fifth grader knows that abortion is regulated by the federal government and the state, never the city. In fact, the Councilman made a statement on the floor of the City Council, during discussion of this truth-in-advertising bill, that we all must do our best to lower the shocking statistic that 41% of all pregnancies end in abortion. I think that there is confusion among those who are not familiar with the legislative process because, in fact, there were two bills – the first bill, which the Councilman opposed, was very broad and would have only curtailed the free speech of all Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers. The Councilman was clear that he viewed that original bill as unconstitutional and opposed it.

    After Councilman Greenfield expressed his opposition, the sponsors of the original bill changed the language to ensure it only impacted some Centers – namely those that mislead their patients, whether they are Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. Unlike the original bill, the bill that passed, Intro 371-A, will only impact a handful of groups that deceive women by pretending to be medical offices when they are not. The reality is that while those groups may have good intentions, there is never an excuse to be dishonest. To remedy that, they simply have to post a sign stating the truth: that they are not medical offices. The danger of having women go into what they believe to be a medical office and receive a sensitive examination by individuals who are not medical professionals is something that should concern us all.

    That’s why the Councilman opposed the original bill, but supported the revised compromise bill. There is no justification for these centers to lie to women, just as there is no justification for this “Rabbi” to lie to the community. That, in fact, is the true chillul hashem – that someone with the title “Rabbi” is slandering a dedicated public servant. The “Rabbi” should be ashamed of himself for engaging in richilus and owes the Councilman an apology.”

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