New York – Music Video About Bochurim Held in Japan Released


    New York – The Japan Song, an all star video to benefit the two bochurim that are still serving time in a Japanese prison, as was first reported exclusively on VIN News, is being released today with the hopes that it will raise both funds and awareness for the two incarcerated boys.

    The seven minute long video, featuring superstars Shloime Daskal and Avraham Fried was produced by Danny Finkelman, contains sweeping footage of Japan and the Chiba Detention Center, filmed just two and a half weeks before the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan.

    The song, with lyrics in both English and Yiddish, is a remake of the Dveykus classic In A Vinkele, later re-recorded by Yaakov Shwekey, relates the plight of Yoel Zev Goldberg and Yaakov Yosef Greenwald, who are being held in a Japanese prison almost three years after suitcases that they were carrying for someone else were found to contain drugs.

    In an interview with VIN News, producer Danny Finkelman admitted to being deeply moved by the time he spent both at the prison and with the two bochurim.

    “I personally witnessed the conditions that these boys live under every single day. Aside from remembering these boys in our tefillos, it is important that everyone participate in the Pidyon Shevuyim campaign so that these boys can be reunited with their families.”

    Watch below.

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