New York, NY – Despite City Council Funding, Our Place Still Facing Financial Crisis


    New York, NY – While City Council members have gone to bat for Our Place by securing some funding for the organization, the Brooklyn haven for troubled teens still finds itself in a desperate financial situation after much of its funding was completely obliterated by budget cuts.

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    Councilmen David Greenfield, Lou Fidler and Dominic Recchia have all come to the aid of Our Place by providing some assistance to the cash strapped organization. Initiated by Councilman Michael Nelson of Brooklyn’s 48th district who managed to provide Our Place with same amount of funding as in previous years, according to Chaim Deutsch, chief of operations for Nelson.

    “We believe that Our Place is crucial to the community,” said Deutsch in an interview with VIN News. “These kids are our future and we have to make sure that each one gets the help they deserve. Our Place provides a unique service by getting them off the streets and letting them know that there are people out there who care about them.”

    Yosef Yurowitz, an Our Place board member and volunteer for over a decade praised the councilmen for their tireless efforts on behalf of the organization, which are but a small percentage of the monies needed to keep Our Place in operation.

    “We thank the elected officials who stepped up to the plate and went to bat for these kids. You can’t imagine what it means to them.”

    Yurowitz stressed that even with the funds received from the councilmen, Our Place is still undergoing a severe financial crisis and is in desperate need of funds, having lost the $1,000,000 in grants it used to receive annually.

    “Our vendors are owed in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars and as a result of the tremendous cuts we have been forced to make in staffing, therapy and services, there are more kids in trouble than ever.”

    A unique fundraiser is being held tomorrow night at T Fusion Steakhouse in Brooklyn in an effort to raise awareness and donations for Our Place. Featuring a five star barbeque dinner, drinks, live music luxury prize giveaways and more, Our Place hopes that the event will be a success on all levels.

    “We are hoping that this year’s barbeque will be the most memorable ever and we want to encourage all to join for a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere like no other,” said Yurowitz. “We have expanded the tent to feature a display of exotic cars, which can even be taken for a spin by VIP members. Every dollar raised helps to give a yiddisher neshama a fighting chance. We never gave up on them and hope you can join us in our efforts.”

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    12 years ago

    What a great cause at a great venue… It’s a combination of both worlds…
    I just got an insider tip, that Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz will be attending as well. Can anyone confirm this? We all know the great work that he does through Project YES among other things. If it’s good for him, it’s good for me… Spread the word… Call your friends, family and neighbors.
    In this zechus, we should only know this organization through the BBQ, and not on own experience. I also hear that T Fusion Steakhouse is donating 100% of the food, so let’s not feel guilty for paying to eat. 100% of our Tzedakah goes to saving a fellow Yid.

    12 years ago

    A friend of mine is involved with this organization and I can say that this is a well worth and very well run organization. They need the money now desperately. Give whatever you can. May we be Zocheh to the Geluah Sheleima!