Brooklyn, NY – Major Jewish Cantors Dedicate Yom Tefilah Service for Leiby Kletzky


    Brooklyn, NY – A special prayer service by Orthodox Leading Cantors in memory of Leiby Kletzky will take place tonight Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm at Congregation Anshe Sfard, 4502 14th Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.

    Charlie Bernhaut founder of Cantors World who organized the event told VIN News, traditionally, in times of crisis, Jews have always come together, as a “tzibur”/congregation to express their anguish and to pray for comfort for the bereaved”. “The most appropriate words of comfort are found in Tehilim/Psalms and in the siddur. The cantor/‘Shaliach Tzibur’ – is the messenger of the congregation elevating their prayers to HaShem. The community shares with the Kletzky family the pain and grief from this tragedy. This prayer service is a fitting and appropriate response to comfort the bereaved. said Bernhaut”.

    Some of the world’s leading cantors will lead the prayers, including Cantors Netanel Herstik, Yanky Lemmer, Benzion Miller, Shimmy Miller, Zevi Muller and Yaakov Rosenfeld. The choir will be led by Yitzchak Haimov.

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    12 years ago

    Has anyone heard of these chaazonim?? No matter, its still a great idea and kol hakovod to all those who put this event together.

    12 years ago

    Mr. Malovany is an outstanding Chazan. Several years ago, to commemorate the liberation of Jews from Auschwitz deah camp in Poland, Chazan Malovany chanted a heartrending Kel Maleh Rachamim. Russia’s head Putin, Israeli and other leaders listened to him. This was broadcast live on CBC television shown across Canada.

    12 years ago

    This is a gr8 idea, especially since the 3 weeks started yesterday and live music is forbidden.

    12 years ago

    To #5 . This is not a coincert with musical accompaniment but an evening of Tefillah led by great Chazanim who will no doubt elicit great emotion. This is the true calling of a Chazan.

    12 years ago

    I am wondering why the headline says “Major Jewish Cantors”. Are there any other kind of cantors? If so, I would love to know what other religions have cantors because it is interesting to learn about other religions. However, even if other religions have cantors I doubt that they would be leading a service to honor Leiby A’H’.