New York – Replacement Sheitels Are Among The Donations Received By Sandy Victims


    Joshua Shepelsky styles a wig at Flora By Design. Photo: DNAinfoNew York – When wigmaker Flora Shepelsky learned that expensive wigs belonging to religious Jewish women lay among the ruins of Hurricane Sandy in seaside communities like the Rockaways and Sea Gate, she decided she wanted to give back by donating new ones.

    “We decided to donate to the religious community because they were devastated,” Shepelsky, who owns Design by Flora in the Upper East Side, told ( “People have so much more on their mind right now – they’re walking around in scarves.”

    Shepelsky will be giving away replacement hairpieces – specifically 100 new hat falls and band falls – at her Manhattan store located at 243 East 78th Street on Mondays, and at her Teaneck, NJ store while supplies last. “We decided to donate wigs because obviously a lot of women lost wigs, and they need it,” she said. They’re so dazed and confused at this point. I want to make sure I extend the offer to whoever can get to me.”

    So far, Shepelsky says she has received dozens of desperate calls at both of her stores from women eager to return to some kind of normalcy. “It’s just a pure good deed I wanted to do for the community that has fed my family for over 20 years. It’s something I felt like I had to do,” she remarked.

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