Quebec – Montreal Radio Show Host In Hot Water For Calling Jewish People “Annoying”


    Quebec – A woman identified only as Maria has created an uproar in Quebec’s Jewish community following her phone call to late-night talk show host Jacques Fabi’s radio program on 98.5 FM last week. Maria initially called in to condemn Israel for its military action in Gaza, but then began attacking Jewish people and praising the Holocaust.

    According to a report by CBC News (, not only did Fabi fail to interrupt the woman during her four-minute diatribe, he even sympathized with her, saying, “I’d never dare say such a thing, though you probably have the right.” Fabi went on to add that there are repercussions for speaking ill of Jewish people, particularly in Montreal which has a sizeable Jewish population. “If you asked me if the Jewish population can sometimes be annoying, I would say yes,” Fabi added.

    Now B’nai Brith Canada is demanding an apology from Fabi and has filed a formal complaint with the radio station, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, and the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.

    “She basically says that Hitler should have finished what he started,” said Steven Slimovitch, an attorney for B’nai Brith Canada, who says the organization was inundated with e-mails from concerned Jewish Quebecers after the broadcast aired. “There’s no place for comments like that on a radio station. These are unacceptable comments and they beg a formal apology on the air,” he added.

    The station’s general manager has said appropriate measures will be taken to respond to the situation. 98.5 FM Spokesman David Crête said in a statement that sanctions have already been imposed on Fabi, but declined to say what the sanctions entailed. “The comments that were aired earlier this week are unacceptable…Hosts and journalists are subject to ethical rules. If they are not met, penalties are applied.”

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    10 years ago

    If the caller: Maria is so “concerned ” about what is going on in Gaza, why doesn’t she go and live there? Then she will really know the TRUTH and know what she is talking about before she calls a radio station. Her remarks were uncalled for. He should be sanctioned and taken off the air!!

    10 years ago

    Yes its true that this should not have been aired on the radio. But the people of bnai brith do not always have to jump on the band wagon. They make themselves look like As if they got nothing else to do.

    10 years ago

    What I don’t understand is, that with a government so pro Israel & still it’s people so anti.

    10 years ago

    quebec isn’t mainstream canada.
    This is discusting. One shouldn’t need to demand an apology it should be befitting for real man to stand up for his mistakes and say sorry.!

    10 years ago

    Just comes to show you, that everyone that hides behind an anti israel policy, is in truth just a rabid jew hater

    10 years ago

    To #2 -Alterknacker-If B’nai Brith doesn’t jump on the band wagon, who is going to do it, you? These kinds of vicious attacks must be dealth with, immediately. In 1974, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at a forum at Duke University, was quoted as saying “You know, they are very powerful, they run the banks, the media, and Jewish power in this country is very strong”. I contacted General Brown, and I received some silly note from an aide, which stated that “he meant no affront”. In any event, the Jewish War Veterans blasted the General on tv, and President Ford, eventually reprimanded him; however, he should have been removed from that position. He died about three years later. My point to the Alterknacker, and anyone else, is that these kinds of vicious attacks on tv, or in the press must be dealt with; otherwise, they will get worse. When Rabbi Meir Kahane (z’l) was alive, he and his cohorts would descend upon any radio or tv station, which broadcast defamatory material about Jews. Kahane was right!

    10 years ago

    Every time some jerk says something disparaging people jump up and down demanding apologies. If the idiot didn’t mean it he wouldn’t have said it, an apology means nothing from someone like that. The caller “Maria” had a right to say what she wanted, even if it was disgusting, but the radio host had an obligation to cut her off when she started to go too far and he especially was wrong in adding even more inflammatory comments. Sanction him, make him pay a fine, suspend him, fire him, whatever. But an apology from people like that is useless, I, for one, never want to hear from him again.

    10 years ago

    this maria probably dos not even know were gaza is on the map.

    10 years ago

    if she said it about muslims hed cut her off and the station would fire him, the weak jew gets abused, sad but true

    10 years ago

    This is news? Someone called into a talk radio show and said something dumb?

    10 years ago

    I would suggest that Jewish merchants refrain from advertising on all media outlets that are blatantly anti Jewish. If there is a real economic cost to their position, they’ll soon change.