Berlin, Germany – IN PHOTOS: Hundreds Of Orthodox Rabbis Join Candlelight Procession To Commemorate Kristallnacht


    Some 200 Rabbis from all over Europe march towards the Brandenburg Gate and light candles in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, in Berlin, Germany, 12 November 2013. It is the first time that the Conference of European Rabbis is meeting in Berlin since Kristallnacht, when the Nazis burned synagogues, plundered Jewish businesses and started arresting Jews for deportation to concentration camps on 09 November 1938.  EPA/KAY NIETFELDBerlin, Germany – On Monday, more than 200 rabbis from 30 different countries gathered in Berlin to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht and the 1938 Nazi-led pogrom that left 91 Jews dead and another 30,000 incarcerated in Nazi death camps.

    DER TAGESSPIEGEL ( reports that the rabbis gathered at the Brandenburg Gate shortly before midnight, where they then walked in silence to the Holocaust Memorial.

    The rabbis were in Berlin to attend a meeting of the Conference of European Rabbis.

    Organizers of the commemoration said that the candlelight procession was intended to give the rabbis the opportunity both individually and communally to reflect upon the horrors, and the anti-Jewish violence that was inflicted on the Jews during Kristallnacht 75 years ago.

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    9 years ago

    All these fine Christian democratic nations continued to do business and diplomatic relations as usual. Nobody opened its borders to give asylum or safe haven to us and we continued to suffer until the Wannsee conference presided by Himmler, Eichmann, Hyedrich and Kaltenbrunner decided the Endloesung. There was an Evian conference with a lot of talk but no action and children , 1 million , wound up in the gas chambers.

    9 years ago

    The account for the death of my family and my suffering has yet to be settled. The ratline manned by 2 Catholic Bishops arranged the escape to South America of Eichmann , Stangel, Mengele and many others. Unfortunately we Jews deserve some blame for the postwar suffering . First it was ignored or benign neglect of those now called “Kedoshim” , certainly nobody thought or attributed any kedusha to my suffering but it became a flourishing business the “shoah business”

    9 years ago

    Of course this website is very “concerned” who sells Israel down the tube. Mr. Natanyahu bis 120 is the proud owner of a Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi. The Mercedes Benz was the Fuehrer’s favorite and the BMW the favorite of the Reichsfueherer of the SS maybe he is driving them in their honor. Survivors unable to com[plete the German modules for their German resttution payment authorized the memshala to do it their behalf and like the Mafia they retain 10% of the payments. Real concern about the “kedoshim”!!!!!

    9 years ago

    Commemorating the Holocaust, will never inspire anybody to love Yidden.

    There is only one thing we can do. We Yidden must start being Mechanech our children and Bochurum, to sincerely love, care for and have empathy for every person Yidden and Non-Yidden. We need special Chizuk when it pertains to Non-Yidden.
    We should emphasize to our children that when Moshiach comes, we will all be Hashems beloved children, Yidden and Non-Yidden. We will all realize that Hashem creates and sustains all children, Yiddishe and Non-Yiddishe, with Nissim V’Niflo’os. There will only be love amongst all people, no one will be a superior Human Being
    In this Zchus, we can hope and trust, that HKB”H should, Never-Again, instigate any Hatred or Pogroms or Holocausts or Crusades against us.