2 Jewish Men Assaulted While Exiting Florida Synagogue

Larry Greene during his apppearance in court (Source: Screenshot from NBC Miami)

SUNNY ISLES (VosIzNeias) — 2 Jewish men were assaulted on Monday while exiting a synagogue in Sunny Isles, Fl after a prayer service.

According to police, the 2 men were leaving the synagogue on Collins Avenue when they were confronted by a man identified as 66-year-old Larry Greene. He was raising a knife over his head and yelling anti-Semitic remarks at the men, according to the report.

Greene lunged at one of the victims and threatened to kill him, while he yelled at them to “go back to Israel.”

Police arrested Greene and found a knife in his pocket while patting him down.

While detained, police said Greene identified himself as a Black Israelite and referred to the victims as “fake Jews,” according to NBC Miami. He also identifies himself by his “Hebrew name” Elijah Israel.

He was charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. His bail has been set for $50,000.

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