NJ State Trooper Prevents Hatzolah From Providing Care On Garden State Parkway [VIDEO]


NEW JERSEY (VosIzNeias) — Disturbing video footage has surfaced that appears to show a NJ State Trooper stopping Monsey Hatzolah members from administering medical care at an MVA on the Garden State Parkway.

The Monsey Hatzolah members were responding to an overturned vehicle.

The video begins with the officer yelling at the Hatzolah members to “get off the road” as they are “blocking traffic.” They were the only EMT’s on location and were in midst of assisting the patient who specifically requested care from Hatzolah.

The officer then starts yelling at them to “move their vehicle off the road.” According to reports, there were absolutely no private cars on scene belonging to Hatzolah members. The only vehicle on scene was the ambulance. The Monsey ambulances are all up to date on their inspections and have stickers proving they can legally transport.

The officer keeps yelling to get the vehicle off the road at various Hatzolah members who tell him that they are not the driver. The officer gets increasingly agitated until he jumps into the ambulance himself and drives it off the road while the front and back doors are still wide open.

All this takes place as the Hatzolah members explain to the officer that there are no other EMT’s on location and he’s causing patient care to be delayed.

The officer then ignores repeated requests for his name and badge number as he continues to yell “get out of here” and “move your vehicle or it will be impounded.”

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