24/7 Torah Learning: The Greatest Shemirah is Our Answer to the COVID-19 Pandemic – We Can Make a Difference!



Yeshivos are closed.

Shuls are shuttered.

And chadorim have been shut down.

Yes, of course we’re all doing what we’re supposed to halachically and medically, but what about the fact that the world needs Torah learning for its very survival?

And what can we do to increase limud haTorah, which is the greatest shemirah possible, and the greatest zechus and koach for a yeshuah?

A new initiative is already gaining steam, seeking to ensure that no moment goes by without Torah being learned, the most powerful shemirah.

Through this program, participants in every Jewish city can choose a 30-minute slot and accept, beli neder, to learn during that time uninterrupted. Some are taking it on as a zechus for a refuah sheleimah for someone specific or Klal Yisroel in general. These people then form the “shemirah group” for their city during perhaps the most chaotic and unpredictable period anyone can remember since World War II. 

Join this global mission to ensure that limud haTorah is taking place in every city 24/7.


The program already has “shemirah organizers” in various cities, including Baltimore, Cleveland and Passaic, arranging the 24/7 schedule for their community, and we are now seeking additional “captains” to shepherd a shemirah group in their community.

To have your shul, city or neighborhood reserve their own shemirah group, email [email protected]

To join, please follow these directions: CLICK HERE, THEN FOLLOW DIRECTIONS:

  1. Please choose a slot that you’ll commit to learn (check off the time slot below).
  2. If that slot is not available in shemirah alef, go to the next.
  3. Say bli neder when clicking.
  4. It is understood that the times might not work for Shabbos and Yom Tov.
  5. Share with your friends, family and colleagues

When filling out the form online, please note that all times are ET.

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