Israeli Team Publishes Successful COVID-19 Vaccine Trials, Could Start Human Trials Soon


NES TZIONA (VINnews) — The Institute For Biological Research in Nes Tziona published a 26-page manifesto in which it detailed the results of coronavirus vaccine trials on animals. The team used a commonly accepted method of vaccine development but with a twist: they used a VSV virus which does not cause disease in humans. On this virus they added proteins which genetically create the coronavirus. When the human body identifies the COVID-19 pathogens it creates antibodies to the virus.

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Experiments done on hamsters demonstrated empirically that all the hamsters which received this vaccination did not get sick with the virus. If the Health Ministry will allow human trials to begin in the next few weeks, the vaccine could theoretically be available by the end of the coming winter.

At present there are more than 140 vaccines in various stages of development worldwide, most of them in very early stages of development. The most promising ones are a vaccine being developed by the Oxford University in Britain which is in the third stage of trials and could be ready before the end of the year. Another top candidate is being developed by the U.S. Based Moderna company which is also in the third phase of trials. Israel signed an agreement this week with Moderna for the future purchase of its potential COVID-19 vaccine should the company succeed in its development.

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