COMING SOON: These Are The Inspirational ‘Chizuk’ Videos That Will Be Streaming This Tisha B’av On VINnews


For 36 hours, beginning on Erev Tisha B’av, we will be hosting a series of Chizuk videos on our homepage in honor of Tisha B’av. Our hopes are that these videos will inspire, educate, and motivate people to grow in their personal avodas Hashem and to help us all merit the building of the Beis Hamikdash B’Mheroh Beyomenu.

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Now more than ever, as people are confined to their homes and am yisroel experiences unprecedented tzaros, these videos can serve as a safe, convenient, and powerful way for us reconnect and make this Tisha B’Av as meaningful as possible.

Multiple leading Jewish organizations have already joined our initiative to broadcast, stream, and share words of Torah and Chizuk.

Project inspire

No matter the challenge, no matter the obstacles in their path, nothing could stop them from helping another Jew. Uplift your Tisha B’av this year with Project Inspire’s new feature film about the inspiring Ahavas Yisrael of Rabbi Shlomo Friefeld zt’l and Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald zt’l. “Stop At Nothing” pays tribute to these two outstanding leaders who made a huge impact on the lives of countless Jewish individuals from all walks of life


This Tisha B’Av, Rabbi Yoel Gold is awakening our spirits with an exclusive full-length film, that includes a collection of powerful true stories that are guaranteed to open our hearts and touch our souls. Be moved and inspired. Feel uplifted and connected. Find hope and strength. See plan and purpose. Recognize the big picture; because what you see on the outside tells only half the story! Rabbi Yoel Gold’s powerful videos have already touched the hearts of millions around the globe.

Brooklyn Jewish Experience (BJX)

Brooklyn Jewish Xperience (BJX) has prepared one of the most riveting and inspiring Tisha B’Av programs ever. Join Rabbis YY Jacobson, Ahron Lopiansky, Dovid Goldwasser, Aryeh Zev Ginzberg and Yitzchok Fingerer for an unforgettable and life changing experience. They will be joined with famous recording artists Yehudah Green, Baruch Levine, Beri Weber, and Yedidim choir who will sing songs that will take us back to the Churban and prepare us for the Geulah. On Tisha B’Av at 1pm join BJX for a Tisha B’Av filled with tears, yearning, and Chizuk.

Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation

if you have shalom, you have everything – If don’t have shalom, you have nothing!
You need to be aware of the simple few “rules” of what makes or breaks sholom – And you’ll get them all, iy”H, in this year’s Chofetz Chaim Tisha B’av Worldwide Event held online this year due to the Corona situation. Some of the Jewish world’s most moving and inspiring speakers will spend Tish B’av with you. Rabbi Yissocher Frand, Rabbi Yosef Elefant and Rabbi Paysach Krohn will move us, inspire us and open our hearts to let sholom in.  Next, we’ll have Charlie Harary reveal amazing and practical viewpoints in Shalom we’ve never thought of. After him, world-renowned speaker Dr. David Lieberman will share with us step by step practical advice on how to get out of any machlokes.

Ohr Naava

With a complete gamut of Tefillos, audio-visual presentations, Q &A panels, and enlightening live sessions, Ohr Naava’s star lineup of speakers and features will create an immersive experience for you this Tisha B’av.
  • Appreciate the depth of Megillas Eicha read by world-renowned Ba’al Koreh Rabbi Tsemach Glenn
  • Experience the message of the Kinnos, elucidated by R’ Fishel Schachter
  • Reap contemporary and applicable motivation from Mr. Charlie Harary, Rav Gav Friedman, Rabbanit Yemima Mizrahi, and other star lecturers
  • Be inspired to build your own Mikdash with marriage-related illumination by Rabbi and Mrs. Reuven and Gitty Epstein, Chinuch wisdom from Rabbi Yaakov Bender, and childrearing expertise of Dr. David Pelcovitz and other fascinating topics

Aish Kodesh

Flatbush Tisha B’av Program

For forty years the Tisha B’av program has been a mainstay and the very fabric of Tisha B’av in Flatbush and its neighboring communities. This program was one of the first of its kind and has been the inspiration for so many other Tisha B’av events that continue to inspire and teach Klal Yisroel about the meaning of Tisha B’av its relevance and message.
Please join us LIVE or ONLINE for an experience that will change your appreciation of who we are and our purpose in sanctifying that Name of Hashem. Come see for yourself where the Tisha B’av inspiration of our generation began.

Alpha Beta

Make this Tisha B’Av really count. Watch Rabbi David Fohrman’s powerful video, Sinat Chinam, to discover the true meaning of this terrible sin that caused the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash — and learn what you can do today to stop sinat chinam in its tracks. These timely insights will immediately improve your relationships with family, friends and all of Klal Israel.

Priority 1

This Tisha B’Av, join Priority-1 for a unique audio-visual presentation with insights from Rabbi Shaya Cohen to gain a fascinating perspective on prophecy, suffering and the everlasting perseverance of the Jewish people. From the predictions in the Torah of our extensive exile to the evil German regime in the Holocaust, this visual presentation is sure to inspire you to a strengthened Emunah this Tisha B’Av.


You can now access all the Oorah inspiration on the fast of Tisha B’av. Watch our all-new Tisha B’av video and more inspirational videos to add meaning to the day, or learn the halachos of Tisha Ba’av, download and read Oorah’s Tisha Ba’av guide. Whatever your style, there’s something for you! Don’t let the day pass without making the day relevant to your life and getting inspired.

Project Witness

Project Witness forged ahead to create Spirit of Survival, yet another, if not the greatest, masterpiece thus far. You can still watch this documentary during the Nine Days, but this year you can do so in the privacy of your home on our website, Spirit of Survival is available throughout the Nine Days and Tisha B’Av on a pay-per-view basis.

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To benefit all that these programs can inspire I suggest to keep them running through the days of nechama