Israeli Arab Riots Serve As Wake Up Call To Jewish Women Involved In Relationships With Arabs


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — One positive corollary of the recent Guardian Of The Walls campaign and the riots by Israeli Arabs has been the wake up call for Jewish women who were involved in relationships with Israeli Arabs. Yad Le’Achim, the organization which attempts to fight assimilation in Israeli society, reports that the present situation has led many such women to have second thoughts about tying their fate to Arabs and persuaded them to leave their Arab spouses.

In one instance Liel (a pseudonym) is very successful in professional life but in her personal life she has been the lover of a married Arab who exploited her financial success for his own personal motives. Despite this, all that Liel wanted was to marry the Arab.

However after long discussions with Yad Le’Achim social workers she realized the heavy price she was paying with the relationship in her professional life and considered leaving her friend. At one point she was considering returning to him as she had difficulties adapting to her life alone but the Guardian of the Walls operation made her realize that she could not continue living with an Arab.

“I came to the conclusion that even amongst Israeli Arabs there is no integrity. I am very patriotic and thrilled that I did not tie my fate to him. This strengthens all of the good things I am experiencing now and have missed out on over the past years,” Liel told Arutz Sheva.

Inbal (pseudonym) is another person who decided to terminate her relationship with an Arab. “My boyfriend said that he would convert but from the beginning of the operation I suddenly saw another side to him which I had not previously known. I heard him speaking against the Jewish people and realized that he did not intend to convert as he had promised me. I’m so happy that I caught this in time while I still have the opportunity to go back.”

Bruria, a social worker in Yad Le’Achim explained that “there are 3 main responses among women we are helping: repression, differentiation (it’s not my Arab making trouble, it the others) and realization. This is a very complicated period for women who lived in Muslim society and for their children.”

Avivit (pseudonym), whose son is still living with his Arab father described the confusion of identity for her child. “My son is exposed to what is going on there, all the violence, incitement and evil. I feel as if I’m losing him because of this situation, since unfortunately he favors the other side. There isn’t much to do, I did what I could. I hope he will wake up and realize that all this is not for him. I learnt this the hard way and now I thank G-d that I’m not there and chose to escape at the right time.”

Avivit’s other children are with her but her son decided last year to go back to his father and is being brainwashed to stay with him. Avivit maintains contact with her son and hopes one day to persuade him to return to Judaism.

There are success stories. Benzi Gopstein recently posted this picture of a Jewish son of an Arab who had come to him after leaving his father’s village six years ago. The boy, who took the name Daniel, related that “I was tired and disheveled, I said that “now I don’t have any family.”  Gopstein responded that “all the Jewish nation are your family.” I said that “I don’t know anything about Judaism” and you said “you are a “child taken captive by heathens” (Tinok Shenishba).” Since then your organization has been my family, you were with me through thick and thin, you made huge efforts to help me have a proper wedding. Thank G-d I’m in a better situation I have two girls, I know how to make kiddush and I put on Tefillin daily, I have a wonderful wife, all my prayers are for the Jewish nation.”




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