TRAGIC: Three Yeshiva Boys Amongst Dead In Small Plane Crash In Ukraine


UKRAINE (VINnews) – At least four people died after a light aircraft crashed into the roof of a private villa in Prykarpattia in western Ukraine on Wednesday afternoon, the English Daily Express reported.

The light aircraft crashed directly into the roof of a private villa in Prykarpattia in western Ukraine at around 1.40pm local time. Ten firefighters were called to the scene, and reportedly had the lethal blaze under control by 1.58pm.

Three of the victims were reported to have been young Yeshiva students.

Later, the three boys were identified as, Avrohom Fromowitz, Heshy Weiss, and Lazer Brill.

Reportedly, one of the Students was from the U.K., one was from Williamsburg, and the third was from Monsey.

Ukraine media is reporting that famous pilot Igor Tabanyuk was also killed. According to the regional department of the National Police, there were no people in the house that caught fire at the time of the accident.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine said in a statement: “On July 28, at about 1:40 p.m., a light-powered sports plane crashed into a private house near the village of Sheparivtsi, Kolomyia district, with subsequent burning, killing four people.”

It is currently not known what caused the plane to go down or whether it was already on fire before it crashed into the villa.

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