Satmar Rebbe Slams Vizhnitz-Williamsburg Branch In Kiryas Joel For Not Keeping Rabbeinu Tam Times

FILE - Grand Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum speaks at a mass gathering of Satmar Hasidic Jews in the Brooklyn borough of New York December 2, 2015. Reuters

NEW YORK (VINnews) — The Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Aharon, who serves as the spiritual leader of Kiryas Joel has sharply criticized the yeshiva of Vizhnitz-Williamsburg which recently founded a branch in Kiryas Joel. Rabbi Aharon said that the yeshiva has violated the community’s custom of maintaining the Shabbos according to the opinion of Rabbeinu Tam which requires waiting until 72 minutes after sunset on Saturday before performing prohibited activities.

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The Rebbe said that Rabbi Yoel of Satmar (1887-1979) had established the town in his old age in order to separate from the modern world and its customs as well as isolating his followers from other chasidic groups with a more Zionist approach. As part of the attempt to detach from other groups, the rebbe ruled that the community should maintain the opinion of Rabbeinu Tam regarding the conclusion of Shabbos due to the possibility of desecration of the Shabbos.

The new community which does not follow the Satmar rebbe and does not follow the local custom is causing a breach in the community and insults the memory of the Satmar rebbe who established the community. The rebbe added that “for the sake of peace and the honor of the previous rebbe I sent emissaries to try and talk with them but without success.” The rebbe asked those who have influence to try and talk with the other group in order to prevent a serious rift from developing in the community.

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