For The Third Time In Six Months, Tal’s Car Was Torched By Arabs In Shimon Hatzadik Neighborhood


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Tal Rahamim is a resident of the Shimon Hatzadik neighborhood in Jerusalem, located just a few yards away from the Police Headquarters. However police apparently have not got round to patrolling even the neighborhood adjacent to their headquarters because Tal has been hit by vandalism on three consecutive occasions during the past three months. During the May riots Tal’s car was torched by local Arabs, needless to say that police did not lay hands on the perpetrators. Previously his car had also been set alight by Arabs and last Saturday night he once again fell victim to car arson.

Despite the fact that the media is not reporting the vandalism by Arabs against Jews in the neighborhood, the vandalism continues unabated with Jewish property being targeted almost daily by Arab vandals. Thus, knowing that neither the media nor the police will do anything to help the local Jewish residents, the Arabs feel emboldened to continue their attacks on Jewish property.

Footage of torching of Tal Rahamim’s car

Rahamim told Kikar Hashabat that this is an “unfathomable failure. I don’t live in a far-off place, I live in the center of Jerusalem, opposite the offices of the National Insurance Institute and meters from road 1, the central road crossing Jerusalem from north to south.

“The Arabs are not afraid. There’s no other explanation for why they dare to burn cars when everything here is documented on cameras. Thank G-d we were not hurt physically but our property was certainly damaged.

Rahamim says that “there’s no insurance company now willing to insure my car and my kids are quaking with fear. Does the state of Israel intend to maintain its governance in Jerusalem?”




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