Horrific Testimonies From Lev Tahor Emerge: ‘They Were Prepared To Slaughter The Children If Police Came’

Lev Tahor girls walking in Chatham, Ontario, in December 2013. (screen capture: YouTube)

NEW YORK (VINnews) — The terrifying testimonies emerging from the Lev Tahor cult continue to be revealed by survivors of the cult who succeeded in escaping and have documented their testimony. One of the female survivors testified that the heads of the cult had even prepared to “slaughter” the children if a military force would reach the cult’s camp and try to rescue the children, since people must “give up their lives” rather than live outside the cult.

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“They told us that if people would come to take the children, we should take the children behind the buildings and slaughter them like sacrifices, they said that we should slaughter the younger ones first so that the older ones would understand what was happening,” the survivor said, according to a B’Chadrei Chareidim report.

The female survivor, a young mother, told of the heavy punishments meted out by the cult:

“They flogged me in front of everyone, everyone watched as they flogged me with a belt. I then had to thank the woman flogging me and kiss her hand in front of everyone.

“I was supposed to go to the supervisor and ask for the lashes which I deserved. They tied me with a gartel and flogged me in front of everyone, if I cried I got more lashes. More than the pain of the lashes I was pained by the humiliation of everyone seeing me in this situation.”

Mendy Levy, another survivor, told B’Chadrei Chareidim that the members lived in jungle conditions. “They took a clearing in a forest full of animals and reptiles and put up some booths, the shul had no roof. The leaders knew how to care for themselves but we lived in horrific conditions with all kinds of insects and animals wandering around, they hit us brutally for every slight infringement, they caused horrendous harm to us.”

Mendy broke down in tears while recalling the awful conditions, adding that “it was so terrible and there was so much suffering that I gave up and decided to take my own life. Levy said that he took bleach and tried to mix it with sugar and drink it in order to end his life.

Mendy describes what goes on in Lev Tahor

Mendy’s brother Yoel, who also ran away from the cult and is recovering in Israel, said that “from the age of two they hit children, ever since I remember I was getting hit, me and anyone who transgressed any of the rules. Yoel describes the cruelty of the heads of the cult, now in custody in the US: “Children were hit with brutality, flogged with belts, they forced people to sleep in the shul without a roof over their heads.

Yoel Levi pictured while he was in Lev Tahor

Yoel says that “children don’t have what to eat there, women are dying of hunger, since Meir Rosner, one of the heads of the cult, prohibits eating meat, fish, eggs, legumes, only fruit and vegetables are permitted.”

Yoel says that his father died four years ago because he didn’t get proper medical attention and the children were split up and sent to different families while his mother was married off to another man.

Yoel and Mendy Levy after their escape from Lev Tahor

“They caused strife between parents and children and forced them to snitch on one another if they infringed the rules of the cult, everyone is snitching on everyone else, that is the rule. Parents cannot hug or kiss children and children cannot hug their parents, they just cause everyone to hate the others, one can’t rely on anyone,” Yoel adds.

Yoel decided to escape when they told him he was getting engaged “to a 16-year-old dressed like the Taliban, I didn’t even know what she looked like.

“One night I took a few clothes and left a note to my mother, I didn’t want to tell her as she would have informed on me, the guard at the entrance believed me that I was going for a day and returning later, as people sometimes went away to buy food, I hitched a lift to Guatemala city three hours away.

“I called a member of the community of Jewish converts in Guatemala who had been in the cult and left. I kept his phone number and he helped me reach the Israeli embassy, who were not very helpful since I was still a minor. I then went to the Canadian embassy and they immediately helped me and sent me to a foster family. Later I arrived in Israel, I met my extended family whom I had never met.”



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