Two IDF Commando Officers Killed In Jordan Valley Friendly Fire Incident


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In a disastrous accident which occurred Wednesday evening in the Jordan Valley, two IDF officers were killed by friendly fire.

Major Ofek Aharon (28) and Major Itamar Elharar (26) both served as company commanders in the IDF’s elite Egoz commando unit.

The IDF spokesman released an official statement with the names of both soldiers, revealing that Elharar was married. The statement added that they were killed “as a result of friendly fire during security activities near an IDF camp in the Jordan Valley. The IDF participates in the sorrow of the families and will continue to accompany them.”

In an interview with Ynet, the spokesman added that “at the end of a gruelling day of training, not far from the Nebi Musa base, a group of soldiers went on a routine security patrol. As a result of mistaken identity, the soldiers performed ‘arrest routine’ on a suspected terrorist. Later it was confirmed that another officer from the same unit shot at the officers and unfortunately hit them.”

The spokesman added that “we do not as yet know how to define the accident. It did not occur during training but still involved fire by one of our soldiers on other soldiers.”

The commander of the 98th division, Brigadier-General Ofer Winter added further details, stating that “two officers went to patrol near the camp. They identified a suspect and performed arrest routine including shooting in the air. The forces behind them did not understand who they were and shot at them, causing their deaths. It is a severe and harsh incident.”

It should be noted that recently there had been many thefts and attempted thefts from the base’s armory so the soldiers were on guard against such thefts and may have assumed that there were thieves near the camp.





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