Kalman Yeger Introduces Bill to End COVID Fines


NEW YORK CITY (VINnews) Brooklyn Councilman Kalman Yeger wants to reverse fines and summonses which have been issued for Covid violations.

Mr. Yeger introduced a bill on Thursday that would dismiss summonses for all Covid violations and refund those who have already paid a fine. This is his second attempt at such legislation. 

The councilman is upset that Boro Park and other orthodox neighborhoods have been targeted unfairly by inspectors throughout the pandemic. He says that other communities have gotten away “scot-free.”

Mr. Yeger has been an outspoken critic of the extremely tough restrictions in New York City, and the targeting of Jewish neighborhoods by those enforcing the rules. 

Four other council members have already cosponsored the bill. .

Mayor Eric Adams has continued many of DeBlasio’s tyrannical Covid policies, including the requirement to provide proof of vaccination, in order to enter many establishments. .

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