Experts Say: 11 Super Tips On How To Win At Slot Machines


Slots, or popularly known as slot machines, are one of the most demanded games in any physical or online casino. Starting from the first slot machine that was invented in the 19th century, to the most modern and fun online versions, they have been constantly gaining the popularity amidst players.

The virtual world can get you any online slot within a click. It is not a secret that every player’s objective while gambling is only one – to win. Therefore, in order to win there are a number of secrets that can come in handy for anyone who desires to be a winner. Read them below!

Luck Is Important

According to some mathematical studies that have gone around the world, the probability of winning money on a slot machine is 18.3%. That is, every time you start playing any slot, there is more than an 80% chance of not winning anything. A percentage that will make us see the glass full and empty depends on how you look at it. The chance of winning some money in the lottery is 1% in some draws.

Do Some Slot Research

Another important thing to do is to learn more about slot machine, which you would like to play in, and slot’s features. There are a hundreds of the best online casinos providing wide variety of slot machines or free online slots to become familiar with this game. This step is especially recommended if you have never played this type of games before.

Knowing how any other slot works or what are its surprises is essential. One of the mistakes of all physical or online casino users is not knowing what they are playing or not having full knowledge of each particular game. Although it may seem that the operation of a slot machine is somewhat “automatic”, it isn’t such at all. Understanding the game and having control of what is invested and won, makes the difference in a safe bet.

Calculate an RTP

The slot machines with a higher level of return have a higher prize. The chances of winning on each machine are relative. The return percentage is the calculation, which is different in each slot, that must be made for each slot. If the percentage is around 95% on average, that means that the slot pays this percentage in prizes. Therefore, the slot machine with the highest level is the one with the highest prize.

Increase Your Bets

Although it sounds a bit reckless, it is not at all, as we started from the statement that the main objective while gambling in slots is to win. Otherwise you would have to play another game. The logic of the slot machine is that the bigger the bet, the bigger the prize, therefore the chances increase.

Play In Different Slots

Switching machines can cause you to lose interest and control. Like any game, the more times you practice, the better you play. It is a basic rule that we sometimes forget, especially in an online casino with a wide variety of games at our disposal.

Check the Payment Table

Payment table is a kind of information about last-hours payouts, so we can see which slot machines were effective recently.

Stay Away from Progressives

Avoid progressive slot machines as they are the most dangerous and don’t offer big jackpot opportunities.

Don’t Play Twice

Change the machine once you have won the jackpot. Why is that? The same machine cannot hit the jackpot twice in a session.

Be Careful at First

The minimum bet is a great first step as it gives you the opportunity to try different machines before finding a truly profitable one. If you have found it, the maximum bet you can apply to win real money in the best legit online casinos.

Learn from Others

Other players before you must have a secret why they can make a lot of money from slot machines. Learn their secrets as best as you can. That will be very helpful for you.

Stick to the Strategy

Choose a strategy that you think is the best and which helps you to be consistent. You will not win the war if you change strategy frequently. In gambling, consistency is a sure step to victory.

To Sum Up

Faced with a wide variety of slots to play, there is always a series of tricks or hidden tips to consider. These tips can help you earn an amount of money that will depend on your investment and knowledge. Therefore, read and research more on this topic and that will help you to win your jackpot in the future!

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