Terror Wave Continues Unabated: Terrorist Brandishing Knife Enters Tekoa, Eliminated


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Israel’s terror wave continued unabated Sunday, with two terror attacks taking place in quick succession. The first attack took place near Damascus Gate, where a Border policeman was stabbed and moderately injured by a Palestinian illegal resident from Ramallah. The terrorist was eliminated at the scene.

Later in the evening, an 11-year-old boy in the community of Tekoa east of Beit Lechem saw suspicious figures climbing on the wall around a house. The boy alerted his father, a security guard and he shot at one of the men, eliminating him. The terrorist had a knife on him and had apparently been preparing to perpetrate an attack. The other terrorists escaped and security forces are currently chasing after them towards a nearby Arab village.

According to initial reports, there were apparently other terrorists who succeeded in penetrating the village of Tekoa, intending to attack residents.

There was widespread criticism on social media of the way Israel had treated the terrorists from Elad captured Sunday morning. The terrorists were not eliminated, allowed to surrender and one was even given a cigarette to smoke. Some sources said that this treatment only encourages others to perpetrate attacks, knowing that if they escape initially they stand a good chance of surrendering and receiving humane treatment from Israeli security forces.


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