Meron Safety Advisor Resigns, Citing ‘Rickety’ Infrastructure, Political Decisions Regarding Ceremonies

Picture: David Cohen/Flash 90

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Kfir Malka, the safety advisor for the Meron administration headed by Zvi Tessler, announced his resignation from the job just three weeks before the Lag Ba’Omer celebration, according to a Ha’aretz report.

The report quotes Malka as saying that the infrastructure around the tomb of Rashbi in Meron is “shaky” and is not properly prepared for all of the visitors expected at the site. Malka also complained that the decisions taken regarding the Lag Ba’Omer ceremonies are “tainted by inappropriate and political considerations.”

Despite Malka’s resignation, the director of public relations for the ceremony Avi Blumenthal claimed that Malka’s recommendations had been implemented at the site in recent weeks: “Kfir expressed dissatisfaction with the infrastructure at the site two months ago but since then extensive work has been done. The project manager [Tessler] didn’t hear any statement from him regarding the number of participants and all his recommendations have been implemented.”

MK Meir Porush sent a sharp letter to Prime Minister Bennett claiming that the Meron administration had ignored the public’s requirements as well as the conclusions of the Meron committee. “There is a feeling that nobody wants to take responsibility and this leads to the maltreatment of a broad sector of the public which sees critical importance in ascending to the tomb of Rabbi Shimon on Lag Ba’Omer.

Porush claimed that nothing had been done for ten months at Meron and only in the last few months work had been done but it included fencing in and closing off various paths to the site and no viable attempt had been made to enlarge the area or broaden the paths, which would enable a larger number of people to safely visit the site.

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