Kiddush Hashem: Hatzalah Member Treats Woman Who Suffered Seizures On United Airlines Flight


NEW YORK (VINnews) — A Hatzalah member present on a packed flight from Chicago to Newark this week made a big Kiddush Hashem when he treated a woman who had suffered seizures on the plane, according to a report by Lakewood Alerts.

The seizures occurred just as the United Airlines plane was readying for departure and the pilot was not immediately able to turn the plane around and reach the gate where he had departed. However Yosef Reiner of Central Jersey Hatzalah intervened and raced to the patient’s assistance, working to stabilize her and protect her from injury during three separate seizures she suffered.

Reiner was hailed by the other passengers as a hero for his prompt and professional treatment.

After about half an hour, the plane was able to return to its gate. Local paramedics were then brought onboard and transported the patient to the hospital.

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