Democrats Are in Power. Why Are They Not Passing Gun Laws?

President Joe Biden speaks about the war in Ukraine in the Roosevelt Room at the White House, Thursday, April 28, 2022, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

NEW YORK (Yaakov M) — The Democrats pretend that they want to stop shootings and murders. They accuse Republicans of being evil.

But Democrat policies cause thousands of murders each year. In New York, Baltimore, Chicago and LA, leftist policies have led to a surge in violence, shootings, gangs, illegal aliens, drunk drivers, and drugs.

Most of the victims of gun violence, including thousands of innocent kids, are blacks and other minorities.

All of this exposes that their rhetoric about mass shootings is phony and hypocritical. They use these tragedies to get soundbites, but they don’t really want to prevent shootings.

In addition, Democrats have controlled the White House and Congress for 17 months, yet they have not voted on a single gun control bill. What are they waiting for?

(Some will tell you it’s because they don’t have 60 votes in the Senate. However that is a bogus excuse. Mitch McConnell, Pat Toomey, John Thune, and John Cornyn have all said they would be willing to work with Democrats on a gun control bill.

Democrats passed a infrastructure bill, a huge spending package, and a $40 Billion for Ukraine. They also voted on an abortion bill. Biden and Schumer have not even attempted to get 10 Republicans onboard gun control.

Many Republican Senators take little money from the NRA. Jared Kushner once passed a bipartisan prison reform bill, which many conservatives opposed, by cutting deals.

The Democrats have no excuse. They may not succeed, but they’ve been so busy sending money to Ukraine, they have not even tried to pass gun control.)

When Trump was president, they blamed him for El Paso, Parkland, and Las Vegas. They promised that if they were in control, they would pass gun laws. Now that they are in control, they have been exposed as hypocrites.

Democrats are the party of crime and anarchy. Republicans are the party of law and order.

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If Democrats care about saving kids’ lives or preventing shootings, why do they support policies that directly lead to thousands of shootings each year? Why have they defunded the police in so many cities? Why do they support BLM?

In addition, their “common sense” gun regulations, such as background checks (which I support) would probably not prevent mass shootings.

I support tougher gun laws, especially if it would prevent these tragedies. However we also need to improve law enforcement, and make schools safer.

Democrats don’t seem to want to discuss these ideas. They take advantage of crises and politicize tragedy to advance their radical agenda.

In fact, Chuck Schumer just blocked a vote on a bill that would help make schools more secure. That is inexcusable hypocrisy.

In my latest podcast episode, I break down the Democrat response to the tragic, heartbreaking, horrific shooting in Uvalde.

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Yaakov M is a senior columnist for VIN News and former Op-Ed columnist for Newsmax. He has hosted a conservative podcast for 15 years. He studied in Kollel for 14 years, was a Bais Medrash Rebbi for over a decade, and obtained semicha from a top Rosh Yeshiva.

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