Chassidic Leaders Blast Rioters Over Violence, Chillul Shabbos


ISRAEL (VINnews) — About ten days after heavy violence and riots took place on the streets of Jerusalem, Bnei Brak and Ashdod, in which followers of “mainstream” Ger assaulted followers of Rav Shaul Alter, three Admori”m spoke out against the violence and chillul Shabbos.

The Rebbes of Vizhnitz, Karlin-Stolin, and Pshevarsk sharply criticized the behavior of the rioters.

As reported on Charedi news website Kikar Shabbos, while addressing followers at a Rosh Chodesh Tisch, the Karliner Rebbe said: “Nowadays, people have beat and hit others in the streets, while desecrating Shabbos and desecrating Hashem. ”

The Rebbe continued: “I do not understand how it is appropriate to do such acts after difficult periods and times that Am Yisrael have been going through for 2000 years. We have so many troubles and things that we face, how could it be that our own people will do such deeds?”

“To be a G-d-fearing Jew means to accept the Torah and keep what is written in the Torah. What is allowed to be done according to the Torah is allowed, and what is forbidden to do – is forbidden, without excuses and heterim.”

“To beat a Jew is an act that must not be done, no matter what the situation. Every child knows and knows the story that happened to Moshe Rabbeinu who said, ‘Evil man, why should you strike your neighbor?’

“There is a lot of talk about our desire to be respected and the importance of Shmiras Shabbos, but suddenly because of foolish nonsense [people] desecrate Shabbos and hurt others, what kind of image do we show the outside world, while we have such behavior happening within [our community]?”

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe and Rebbe of Pshevarsk also publicly condemned the behavior, at gatherings with their followers.

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