Baltimore: Pikesville Plaza Building Plans New Renovations

Baltimore County Councilman Izzy Patoka met with Mrs. Shelly Morhaim, President of the Pikesville Armory Foundation, and Mordechai Snider to review plans for extensive renovations to the Pikesville Plaza Building this week.  Also known as the “Dougies BBQ Building,” this iconic location has been a premier office location for community businesses since it was built in 1972.

Mordechai Snider, who purchased the property over 11 years ago, explained to Mr. Patoka and Mrs. Morhaim the history of the building and extensive renovations which have already occurred.  The Plaza Building has invested over $3 million in internal improvements, including installing a new roof, all-new elevator cabs and operating system, gutting and renovating all public bathrooms making them ADA compliant, replacing the entire HVAC (heating and air conditioning) system with a new, high efficiency mini split system and refurbishing all public lobbies and hallways.

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Many tenants have been in the building for 10 years or more and new tenants are signing up all the time, according to the Building representative Alan (Aharon) Newman, who oversees projects and handles leasing.  Many people have seen the new façade plans with 10-foot floor to ceiling energy efficient glass and “want to get in before leasing prices rise,” locking in lower rates in long term leases.

Councilman Patoka reviewed the plans to replace the entire façade of the building with a new curtainwall system, as well as plans to demolish, excavate and replace the current below ground garage and above ground parking lot with a new, state of the art parking superstructure.  Mrs. Morhaim commented favorably on the parking plans and suggested cooperation between the Plaza as an anchor corner property and the Armory, which is slated to undergo a multimillion-dollar development as a shared community and arts space.

“Although the façade and parking are eyesores, they are due to deferred maintenance from 1972 until we bought the building. We have been working on plans and financing for these projects for a decade.  In the meantime, we have accomplished a lot on the inside of the building, and we hope to polish the outside to be just as beautiful,” says Mr. Snider.  The Plaza Building is planning to rebrand and add over 4000 square feet of new and expanded retail space, as well as over 4200 square feet of walkout patio space for second floor tenants. Permits are only a few months away, according to the Building.

The new building architectural renderings which show an amazing and beautiful exterior, including granite on the ground floor and tinted high efficiency glass and aluminum curtainwall from floors 2 through 7.  BJL has also reviewed the detailed and extensive architectural and engineering drawings which are out for bid with multiple General Contractors, including local and some from New York.  Multiple funding sources are also reviewing the plans for approval.

Councilman Patoka was impressed with the vision that was presented, as well as the very concrete plans and rendering that were shared. Both Councilman Patoka and Mrs. Morhaim see the value that such projects and upgrades to the Pikesville Plaza building will provide for the Pikesville Corridor area.  The Plaza Building representatives said they look forward to working with the Councilman and Armory Foundation to make the area look amazing and coordinated, and to benefit the community in every way possible.

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Educated Archy
Educated Archy
2 years ago

I wish him luck but I’d hold off investing with interest rates this high and a potential recession. Now is the time to lay low and sit on whatever cash you have. I hear there are still iberchahcumim trying to sell hieimisha to invest in muti family even now. Like for real? Do you have any clue how burned you’ll get?

Oy vey
Oy vey
2 years ago

Aside from threat of the building collapsing on itself, looks great.