Celebrity Campaign Promoting Family Purity Under Fire: ‘We Don’t Sell Jewish Values’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A number of secular Israeli celebrities have spoken recently in favor of the laws of family purity, stating that they are designed to help marriages stay fresh and encourage a passionate relationship between couples. However a storm arose after it was revealed that the celebrities had received money to promote the Jewish values.

The campaign was initiated by the She’asani Isha organization established by Bracha Shilat and Ruti Levayev, daughter of Lev Levayev. The campaign included a number of secular celebrities including Yael Bar Zohar, Michal Anski and Shai Mika, who spoke openly about their positive experiences with maintaining the laws of family purity.

A number of journalists, including religious journalists, did not like the “marketing” of Jewish values in this way. Efrat Finkel, a member of the prestigious Mir family, wrote that the campaign “drove her crazy” adding: “How easy it is to take something sacred that Jewish women were willing to give their lives for over the generations and turn it into an instagram stupidity and a money machine. Taking a hallowed Jewish value and making it another item for sale in the pathetic, shallow world of celebs.”

Other secular women wrote against the campaign, stating that “we are not impure.”

Yair Charki, another religious journalist, tweeted that “as a religious person I am embarrassed that keeping mitzvos is being promoted for financial gain but I am more disgusted to see a campaign painting family purity as something ridiculous. Family purity is not darkness or fundamentalism, it is part of our tradition and Torah. The concept of “impurity” is not meant against women, men are also impure on many occasions and we are all actually impure.”

Mendy Gruzman, another religious journalist, added: “Try not to think about your view on family purity and just answer the following question: What is the problem in promoting a value via a paid celeb? If we were to promote a “day of good acts” for payment, would that be a problem as well?”

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