Biden Pressures Skverer Rebbe To Endorse Maloney, Says ‘My Door Is Always Open For You’


NEW YORK (VINnews) — In an unprecedented conversation, President Biden spoke at length Monday  with the Skverer Rebbe and asked him for the support of his chasidim in the coming midterm elections, specifically for local representative Sean Maloney.

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The president concluded the conversations by stating that “you will always have an open door to my administration” and stressed that he was working with the current elected officials in the region “and they have an open door to my office if they need something.”

Maloney is hoping to be reelected to New York’s 17th congressional district but faces strong opposition from Republican Michael Lawler who has wide support in the Rockland County district. The district includes New Square, the center of Skver chasidim who could mean the difference between the two candidates. During the midterm elections the Democrats are expected to lose their majority in the Senate and Congress and therefore the president is trying to personally help Democrat representatives.

According to reports of the conversation, the Skver Rebbe thanked the president for his help in defending and assisting Ukraine and saving its residents from the Russian offensive. The rebbe said that he has a personal connection to the region where his ancestors lived, where some of their shuls still exist and where they are buried.

The president related his grandfather’s last request to him “not just to remember belief in G-d but to disseminate it as well.” He also mentioned that he is personally acquainted with New Square mayor Yisrael Moshe (Izzy) Spitzer and had received the rebbe’s blessings via Spitzer. Biden stressed his longtime friendship with Israel’s leaders and his steadfast support for Israel over his career.

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