WATCH: At Convention , Rabbi Dr. Ahron Twersky Predicts Agudah Will Become ‘Irrelevant’ Due to Not Representing Chassidim

Professor Aaron Twerski (Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Law School)

STAMFORD (VINnews) — While appearing at a panel about antisemitism at the Agudah Convention Friday, Rabbi Dr. Ahron Twerski spoke out against the lack of Chassidic representation within the Agudah in recent years.

He said, “I used to come to Agudah conventions and feel comfortable…because there was a Chassidishe olam…for the last ten years we have been uninvited, not formally, but uninvited. The problem starts because Chassidim are not represented on the Moetzes Gedolei Torah.”

He called it “shameful” and said “there’s no excuse for it.”

Dr. Twersky predicted that “Agudath Israel will become irrelevant to Klal Yisroel” in a few years

The always gracious and even-tempered Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zweibel responded. He first joked about how this proves that the Agudah carefully censors each speaker’s speech in advance. He then thanked Dr/ Twersky for raising the issue, and assured the audience that it is being addressed.

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