READ: Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva and Mechanchim Release Letter Opposing New Frum Streaming Platform


LAKEWOOD (VINnews) — A letter has been issued by Lakewood’s leading Mechanchim and Menahelim, opposing a new online video device and platform, which has branded itself a viable option for frum families who are looking for kosher content.

The chinuch leaders, who represent a range of yeshivas, discourage people from using the “24Six” streaming platform and media playing devices, and say that without Rabbinic guidance “we are opening up an anarchist approach” toward what is acceptable. The letter was signed by the BMG Roshei Yeshiva as well.

24Six allows listeners to hear only pre-approved music and content from Jewish singers and entertainers. Its website says, “Have your values. And your music too. 24Six is the only vetted media streaming platform for Jewish families worldwide – with features that give you control.”

The letter, which does not call for an outright ban, points to several concerns, including “exposure to music and videos with content that often runs contrary to the values and ruach with which we bring up our children.”

It adds that the platform is “detrimental to healthy spiritual and emotional growth, as by nature it is a device that promotes constant distractions and an overdose of entertainment.”

The sharply-worded text says that a device which can download from the internet should “never be considered safe in the hands of a child” and that without the guidance of Daas Torah “we are opening up an anarchist approach towards what is or isn’t acceptable in KlalYisroel.”

The text notes that “there is no written Daas Torah backing” the assertion that the platform is a “completely kosher entertainment option.”

As reported by Lakewood Alerts, several days prior to the letter by Rabbanim being issued, TAG, the kosher technology group, released a statement calling 24Six “a step in the wrong direction.”

One excerpt from the statement says: “As in many areas, what may be beneficial for one person or community may be disastrous for the next. Needless to say, the people who decide which accommodations or compromises are necessary to help yidden in overcoming their challenges should be our Gedolim and Manhigim. Not well-meaning frum entrepreneurs! The latest breach in our community courtesy of well-meaning frum entrepreneurs is the 24Six media device.”

“Of course, for those who have access or would allow their children access to iTunes or Spotify via a smartphone this app may be beneficial. Although even for them, proper guidance by Rabbonim and Mechanchim would have allowed for much safer options.”

“But for the rest of us the app, the device and the message they send are a very dangerous step in the wrong direction…”

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