Michael ben Refael Namdar


Rabbi Michoel Namdar, a beloved husband, father, son and brother from Milan and later Crown Heights passed away on Wednesday, 17 Shvat after battling an illness. He was 67.

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He was part of a most prominent family that had a close and unique relationship with the Rebbe and were a driving force in enabling hafotzas hamaayonos in Italy, by helping in establishing the local Bais Chabad in Milan and supporting Chabad Lubavitch in general.

In 1979, with the help of a number of tireless activists, among them Rabbi JJ Hecht, Chabad managed to bring hundreds of Jewish students out of Iran under the guise of traveling to America to study. R’ Michoel, in his position in Milan, served as one of the contact points, helping the students as they traveled through Italy on their way to the USA.

In the 1980s, when refugees escaped from Iran and were in transit in Ladispoli, Italy, the Rebbe instructed R’ Michoel to take responsibility for establishing support and care for all the families and their needs, setting up a Chabad House and full time shluchim to serve the refugees.
He was a member of the Chevre Kadisha in both Milan and Crown Heights.
Reb Michoel was totally devoted to the Rebbe.
He is survived by his wife Perel (Altein), his children Menachem Namdar, Levy Namdar, Chani Mockin of Montreal, Toba Leah Golomb, Devora Rivka Namdar and Daniel Namdar. He is also survived by his mother Malka Namdar and siblings Yisrael Namdar of Milan, Rachel Vardi of Tel Aviv, Batsheva Chamami of Rechovot, Shmuel Namdar of Long Island, NY and Rabbi Alexander Namdar of Gothenburg, Sweden.

He was predeceased by his father Refoel a’h and his brother Daniel a’h.

The levaya will pass 770 at 1:30pm on Thursday.
Shiva will be at 1408 Union St.




Visiting hours:
There will be a break with no visitors between 12:00pm and 300pm and after 9:00pm.

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9 months ago


I knew him, was a good man, a good YID !!!