How Can We Tell Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz Children That Their Beloved Father Cant Be With Them For Pesach


For the last many years Misaskim LA has assisted the amazing Hurwitz family who have been graciously hosted at The KMR Pesach Program. Rabbi Yitzi smile brings a tremendous amount of light and energy to all that come in contact with him. 

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Rabbi Hurwitz the Shliach to Temecula was diagnosed with ALS many years ago yet despite not being to physically move he has been giving Shiurim and attending minyanim with the help of his family and care givers. 


The program gives the family a much needed and deserved break while at the same time the Guests at KMR substantially donate towards the annual budget of the round the clock care Rabbi Hurwitz needs. 

To get Rabbi Hurwitz to KMR it requires alot of extra medical care as well as a private jet to facilitate the move. 

We should all be zoche to see the Geula Bkarov and Rabbi Hurwitz having a Refua Shelayma. 

Tizku Lmitzvos


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