WATCH: Eylon Levy Shreds BBC Anchor Accusing Israel of Targeting Civilians


In this clip, a BBC anchor suggests that Israel is being negligent or cruel by inadvertently harming civilian human shields.

Israeli government spokesman Eylon Levy pushes back hard, explaining that Hamas has spent years embedding itself in schools and hospitals, and the IDF is the only military on the planet that goes above and beyond international law to prevent harm to civilian enemies.

BBC: “It’s convenient, isn’t it, that whenever there’s an Israeli strike on a facility in Gaza, you just tell us that Hamas is operating there.”

Levy: It’s not convenient. It su–s. But Hamas has spent 16 years embedding itself in civilian facilities—including @UN.

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5 months ago

Perhaps they should target BBC Hamas reporter

5 months ago

its insane how these guys will completly ignore reality in order to defend hamas bec. if this reporter whould be pro isreal no one whould look at him (besides the fact that this guy is an antisemite)