IDF Footage Of 55-Meter Attack Tunnel Under Shifa Hospital Goes Viral


    JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Just On X, formerly known as Twitter, the following clip showing the entire length of a 55-meter tunnel under Shifa hospital together with a blast-proof door at the end, has garnered 7 million views in just one day.

    The IDF footage provides incontrovertible proof of the use of the hospital compound as a facade for terror activity underneath it.

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    Liam K. Nuj
    Liam K. Nuj
    7 days ago

    “Cool”? Are your headlines written by a teenager? What are you going to do when she goes to camp?

    Fellow Yid
    Fellow Yid
    7 days ago

    Yeh, very cool that our Jewish brothers and sisters were tortured and murdered down there. Whomever cane up with that headline is NOT mizerah shel Avraham avienu!