IDF Announces Name Of Soldier Killed In Gaza Fighting


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The IDF announced that Captain Liron Snir, 25, from Ofra, a menber of the commando unit of the Golani Brigade, fell in battle in the northern Gaza Strip.

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Snir studied at the Maale Eliyahu Yeshiva in Tel Aviv for three years before being conscripted to the IDF.

Rabbi Chaim Gantz, head of the yeshiva, paid tribute to him and said, “The yeshiva weeps over the harsh news that we have received. Liron was a scholar who spent every free moment during his vacations in the yeshiva to absorb more of the Torah and strengthen his friends.”

“The Torah, Derech Eretz and love of the people are what led him to charge forward in the yeshiva, in the army and now in the war. We say goodbye to Liron as a hero and are grateful to have had the privilege to study and live in his presence,” he added.

Rabbi Avner Zoldan, a rabbi in the yeshiva who was in personal contact with Liron, said, “Liron was very close to being released from the IDF and moving to the next stage of his life, establishing a home in Israel. Liron was a man with special qualities, always making sure that he didn’t hurt anyone and his progress doesn’t come at the expense of anyone else.”

“In all his days in the army he was busy taking care of his soldiers. Only they were in the fore of his mind and all this cost him a personal price of investment in his personal life. He did everything with greatness and evenhandedness. The yeshiva mourns the fall of one of our best.”

Details of the levaya will be released shortly.

May Hashem avenge his blood.

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