IDF Continues Gaza Offensive, 300 Aerial Strikes Target Hamas Command Posts And Arsenal


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — As the cease fire in Gaza has intentionally been delayed by Hamas, the IDF continued to strike terror targets in the area of Jabalya and Beit Hanun in Northern Gaza as it completes taking control of the entire northern region.

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With the supervision of IDF troops, an IDF UAV targeted armed terrorists who were approaching IDF troops and struck an observation post that posed a threat to IDF troops, using precise munitions.

Furthermore, an IDF UAV and tanks eliminated a number of terrorist cells in the region in coordination with ground troops. IDF soldiers also located a tunnel shaft inside a mosque.

In an agricultural area in Beit Hanoun, IDF troops located and blew up a terror tunnel shaft. IDF soldiers also located numerous weapons and a terror tunnel shaft inside a civilian residence in the area which apparently belonged to a local physician.

In total, during IDF activities in Gaza since Wednesday, aerial strikes were carried out on over 300 Hamas terror targets, including military command centers, underground terror tunnels, weapon storage facilities, weapon manufacturing sites, and anti-tank missile launch posts.

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