Rabbi Gershon Schusterman Speaks Live in Lakewood New Jersey



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    Rabbi Gershon Schusterman
    Author of Why, God, Why?
    How to Believe in Heaven When it Hurts like Hell

    Rabbi Gershon Schusterman, a communal Rabbi in Los Angeles and school principal, knew all the textbook answers when comforting those grappling with the question, “Where is God? If God is loving, how could this happen?” However, when his wife suddenly passed away, leaving him a 38-year-old widower with eleven children, he found himself questioning everything.

    This personal crisis led him to a deeper exploration of Chassidus, seeking answers on how to cope with and transcend tragedy. Today, he travels and speaks, assisting others in finding comfort and understanding in difficult situations.



    Chabad Toms River New Jersey
    Chabad of Jackson New Jersey

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