Released Hostages Call To Rescue Captives: ‘Every Day Lived There Could Be Your Last’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Thousands of people attended a protest rally in Tel Aviv to bring back the rest of the hostages in Hamas captivity. During the rally,  filmed statements were projected from some hostages released in which they described their ordeals while held captive by Hamas.

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Daniel Aloni, who was released from captivity after 49 days together with her daughter Emilia, said that: “On October 7th we were brutally kidnapped from our home. My daughters saw things that children their age should not have to see. A horror film. You feel like pinching yourself to wake up from this film. I’m talking and I’m shaking, sorry. It was disturbing, it was scary. There is no daily schedule, nothing. You sleep, you cry.”

“Every day you live there could be your last. You can’t imagine the hell. You must not leave them there. Not one more minute.”

Yelena Trupanob was released this week from Hamas captivity. Her husband Vitaly was murdered on October 7th and her son Sasha remains in Hamas captivity. She stated: “I am excited to stand here before you, I came to say thank you because without you I would not be here. We need to continue and bring back my Sasha and everyone else home now!”
Hadas Kalderon, whose two children, Erez and Sahar were released earlier this week from Hamas captivity, stated: “Erez and Sahar are waiting for me at home, my superheroes, they survived and came back. The testimonies are shocking and horrifying – no boy or girl, man or woman should have to go through that. We must not forget that their father Ofer is still there. Do not forget about the men too. After meeting the returnees, now more than ever I understand the urgency. We cannot discuss the future or state security as long as the safety of all the hostages has not been ensured.”
Yocheved Lifshitz, 85, who was released a month ago, said: “I was in the tunnels for 17 days, I barely slept. I lacked food. During the last four days I fell ill and the terrorists were afraid I would cause an epidemic there in the tunnels. Every day there is critical, also because of the living conditions there which are very difficult, and the oxygen in the tunnels is running out. The fear of their revenge, through the hostages, is great. There are still elderly hostages there, 85 years old and younger people, who will not withstand the mental and physical pressure. The moral obligation of this government is to bring them back home immediately, without hesitation.”
Yaffa Adar, 85, who was released from Hamas captivity after 49 days in captivity, and whose grandson Tamir is still in Hamas captivity, added: “I am speaking as the grandmother of Tamir Arad. I was in that inferno for 49 days. I ask and beg all decision makers – take the children out, take everyone out. It’s not easy, not for them, not for the families, and not for anyone. I want to see them now, not when I’m in the coffin. Please, now is the time.”

Raz Ben-Ami, released from Hamas captivity after 54 days, and whose husband Ohad is still in Hamas captivity, stated: “I want to thank you for bringing me back. Everyone deserves to be brought back here and now. They don’t need this terrible suffering. They must be taken out of there because if we don’t get them out now, they won’t get out alive.”

Ditza Heiman, 84, who was in Hamas captivity for over 50 days, said: “There was little food in captivity and as time went on, the food kept decreasing. As time goes by, the damage increases, and the body’s ability to survive decreases. It is life-threatening and mentally threatening. They must be taken out immediately and everything possible must be done to make it happen.”

Major General Noam Tibon, who rescued his son and granddaughters from terrorists who attacked Kibbutz Nahal Oz, stated: “The release of all hostages is the supreme mission of the war, before any other mission! And at the top of our priorities, and until we return all the hostages, we will not win the war!. We will not rest or be silent or calm down until we return all the hostages. In recent weeks I have met with IDF soldiers and wonderful commanders in Gaza, they are all motivated to bring everyone back to the country, and they are willing to do anything to make it happen.”

Inbar Goldstein, aunt of Agam, Gal, and Tal Goldstein-Almog, who were released from Hamas captivity, stated: “Last Sunday we were fortunate to get our family members back safe and sound. I’m here today because we always promised that even when our loved ones return we will not abandon the struggle. We are one family. Everyone needs to come back. We have a responsibility towards them, I, you, the cabinet, and the State of Israel. We must not leave them there for another second, please bring them back now.”

Shai Gross, one of the Entebbe hostages in 1976, added: “We will not be satisfied with the return of the hostages who have already returned home, until the last of them returns. Today it’s here but tomorrow it can be anywhere in Europe. In Entebbe, I was the youngest of them, we were 4000 km from Israel but today, they are here meters away from us. I returned from there as a different child but I succeeded in establishing a family! So will it be with our hostages! Be strong, the unity of the nation is here to stay! The people of Israel will win!”

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Paul Near Philadelphia
Paul Near Philadelphia
6 months ago

It is more important to kill and capture Bad Guys than to rescue Good Guys. That is how wars work.