IDF Releases Names Of 2 Soldiers Killed In Gaza Fighting, Senior Officer Killed On Oct. 7th


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The IDF released on Sunday the names of two soldiers who have been killed in action in the Gaza strip fighting- Sergeant-major (res.) Or Brandes, and Staff Sergeant Aschalwu Sama.

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Brandes, 25, a reserve soldier from Shoham, was killed in action on Saturday. Despite having an administrative position in the IDF, Brandes volunteered to serve in Gaza as a tank driver. Prior to his call-up he had been studying at the Maale Gilboa yeshiva.

Sama, 20, a resident of Petah Tikva, was injured on November 14 before the truce and succumbed to his wounds on Saturday.

On Saturday night the IDF also revealed that a high-ranking officer, Colonel Asaf Hamami, a 41-year-old father of three from Kiryat Ono and the commander of the Southern Brigade, had fallen in battle on October 7. Hamami fought in the battle at Kibbutz Nirim, engaged the terrorists who had invaded the kibbutz and was killed in action. His body was kidnapped to Gaza. [Two other colonels also fell in the Gaza fighting]

Col. Asaf Hamami

Colonel Assaf Hamami HyD

Although Col. Hamami’s body has not yet been recovered, the IDF’s Chief Rabbi has declared him dead based on all available evidence and examining credible intelligence, and so a funeral will be held for him.

He will be buried like his uncle, Eitan Hamami, a Golani soldier killed in a training accident, and his grandfather’s brother, Yair Tzabari, who died during his IDF service.

“Three generations, three messengers of bereavement,” wrote military analyst Yossi Yehoshua in Yediot Aharonot. “Shoshana Hamami has lost her brother, son, and now her beloved grandson.”

Yehoshua wrote that “Hamami was among the first to charge into battle with his soldiers, and also one of the first to fall defending Nirim. The battle saved the lives of many of the residents of the kibbutz. Hamami and two other soldiers in the command center, signaler Tomer Ahimas and driver Kirel Borodsky, encountered terrorists, fought them bravely, and killed many of them. Five of the residents of the kibbutz were killed and five more abducted.”

According to Yehoshua, Hamas terrorists specifically sought out Hamami while attacking the Gaza brigade. Hundreds of terrorists were captured with his picture and instructions to find that senior officer. Hamami was already deeply engaged in battle,  and was the first to go out on patrol in the morning and the last to go to sleep after his soldiers. He fell executing his duty and purpose: defending the residents of the Gaza region.


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Jj friedman
Jj friedman
2 months ago

it been reported that “ During a recent visit by senior IDF officers to various brigade headquarters, a troubling revelation came to light. It became apparent that surveillance camera footage along the Gaza border, dating back to the day the war with Hamas broke out, had mysteriously vanished. Furthermore, critical recordings from that Black Shabbat had been removed from the central database. These developments have raised suspicions and fueled a sense that everyone is primarily looking out for their own interests with an eye on what comes next.” It looks like the fix is in. After the war, all responsible officers, politicians. Need to be held responsible, to the fullest. No Vaseline out.

2 months ago


Jj friedman
Jj friedman
2 months ago

My father in law, is at his last stages in life, he is in hospice and the started him on morphine. So I will not read the news for the foreseeable future. If anything changes I will inform everyone. May Gad help and receive him with love.